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Fans of other football teams are welcome, but please expect to get the piss taken out of you. If you think football is called 'soccer' then you are probably lost and should look elsewhere.

If this is your first visit then please be aware that you will probably be offended by the majority of the comments on this site. If you are not offended then I apologise. To view anything remotely interesting you need to REGISTER otherwise you will be stuck looking at the public forum which is quite frankly shite. Posts are usually trimmed around the 2 million mark, to keep down the overhead on the database and to annoy long time users.

Please read the RULES before posting, as that saves us time banning you.

Love and kisses - Chatmaster.

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Welcome to the Main Forum.This forum is not constantly moderated. Don't post anything racist or libelous, and try not to piss off any of the moderators and you will be fine.
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You will need a subscription to view and post on here.
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NSFW. If you work in a porn shop or your employer is a pervert then you should be fine.
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